On Saturday the 2nd of June 2012 -one month sooner than usual- the athletics club Vlierzele Sportief organises the 21st edition of the Memorial Leon Buyle

This meeting takes place again in the Putbosstadion of Bloso in Oordegem-Lede (Belgium). This stadion contains an 8 lanes mondo tracks and is well known by many foreign athletes and coaches from the Netherlands, France, Ireland and Germany because of its fast track and favourable wind conditions. Many athletes have already had a positive experience during previous editions of the Memorial Léon Buyle. It is within this stadion that several Belgian Championships have taken place, as well as international competitions and even a European cup meeting.

The Memorial Leon Buyle ranks amongst the top 5 meetings in Belgium in terms of the quality of the athletes participating. The total volume of price money is about EUR 15,000.00. Individual athletes can obtain between EUR 15.00 and EUR 250.00 for their performance, depending on objective criteria related to performance and place. During previous editions every time some 200 athletes have been able to benefit from this contribution.

Even more important is that the meeting is very well organised, offering athletes an excellent competition environment for every event. The main program of this meeting is particularly targeted towards the athletes who are ranked amongst the top ten in Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland and the North of France, as well as to athletes from other countries who reside in Europe in view of participation in an international meeting or championship. We therefore offer a broad range of competing athletes in all events, without pretending to attract the absolute European or world top performers. During the previous editions every year athletes from 20 or more different nationalities came to Oordegem. Every year, the meeting also attracts some 20 performers who qualify for the European or World Championships of that year. This principle is at the heart of the success of our meeting, and is recognised by the many athletes and spectators joining us every year.

Women's events: 100m - 200m - 400m - 800m - 1500m - 100mH - 400mH - 4x100m relays - highjump - longjump - triplejump - polevault - shotput - discus - javelin

Men's events: 100m - 200m - 400m - 800m - 1500m - 3000m - 110mH - 400mH - 4x100m relays - highjump - longjump - triplejump - polevault - shotput - discus - javelin

Mixed events: 5000m

Timetable (pdf)

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Subscriptions (via the servnetsport.be-website)

You will be able to follow the Memorial Buyle LIVE! The link will be available here during and after the competition.

Live results available on ServNetSport.be

Here you can also find the results of the last editions of the Memorial Leon Buyle. Previous results will be available later...

Women's minima

(Event) 1
(Flanders Cup-C-bonus)
(Flanders Cup-B-bonus)
(Flanders Cup-A-bonus)
(Belgian record)
100m 12.20 12.05 11.90 11.17 11.04
200m 25.00 24.50 24.20 23.01 22.20
400m 57.00 54.90 54.40 51.63 51.45
800m 2.11.00 2.07.00 2.04.50 2.01.68 1.58.31
1500m 4.28.00 4.21.00 4.17.50 4.06.84 4.05.05
5000m 16.50.00 16.05.00 15.50.00 15.24.49 15.15.58
100m hurdles 14.50 13.90 13.60 12.94 12.97
400m hurdles 63.00 60.00 59.00 56.88 54.95
Highjump 1m70 1m78 1m82 1m92 2m05
Polevault 3m40 3m50 3m70 4m34 4m28
Longjump 5m65 5m90 6m10 6m70 6m63
Triplejump 11m50 12m40 12m60 14m13 14m55
Shotput 13m50 15m25 15m60 18m10 16m70
Javelin 43m00 45m00 48m00 59m90 58m25
Discus 45m00 53m00 56m00 59m18 61m40

Men's minima

(Event) 1
(Flanders Cup-C-bonus)
(Flanders Cup-B-bonus)
(Flanders Cup-A-bonus)
(Belgian record)
100m 10.90 10.75 10.65 10.14 10.02
200m 21.80 21.50 21.25 20.36 20.19
400m 49.00 48.30 47.50 45.17 44.71
800m 1.52.00 1.49.30 1.48.50 1.45.53 1.43.86
1500m 3.51.00 3.46.00 3.44.00 3.34.13 3.34.13
3000m 8.20.00 8.04.00 7.59.00 7.40.11 7.26.62
5000m 14.30.00 14.05.00 13.58.00 13.16.53 12.49.71
110m hurdles 15.00 14.35 14.15 13.34 13.25
400m hurdles 54.00 52.50 52.00 49.68 48.91
Highjump 1m96 2m07 2m12 2m21 2m36
Polevault 4m70 5m00 5m25 5m70 5m70
Longjump 7m00 7m40 7m60 8m03 8m25
Triplejump 14m00 14m60 15m00 16m63 17m00
Javelin 60m00 67m00 70m00 79m14 83m65
Shotput 14m50 16m40 17m30 19m08 19m34
Discus 46m00 52m00 54m00 69m03 64m24

Patrick Van Caelenberghe

Athlete's Liaison Manager


+32 498 88 59 76